Welcome to our new sponsored French riders!

Please join the FITS team in welcoming our new French Sponsored riders to our FITS family!

Welcome on board Lindsay TraisnelLoicia Tirel, and Loriane Dilasser!

FITS Fall 2015 Sable-Gray-Cordovan Color Story

Did you know that the FITS Fall line is designed to be a layering system? Each piece in the collection can be worn with others to add more warmth, build the perfect winter wardrobe specifically for your needs!

FITS Contest—Win a FITS Koozie!

We are hosting a Facebook contest during July, send in a photo of you riding or working around the barn in your FITS and you could win one of our brand new FITS koozies! Each week a winner will be chosen.


Send your photos to All photos will also be posted on Facebook.

Congratulations FITS Rider Rebecca Howard at Luhmuhlen in Germany

Congratulations to FITS Rider Rebecca Howard for finishing 10th at Luhmühlen in Germany sporting her FITS Breeches!

Photo courtesy of Shannon Brinkman.

Kate at the In Gate:  Fat vs Fit

Horse Nation: Kate at the In Gate: Fat vs Fit

We at FITS just LOVE this article/blog.... And we love you too.... JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

My Journey to the US Dressage Finals

After my Fourth Level ride. Thank you FITS for making wonderful clothes.  My jacket is breathable and allows me to actually move around and all of my FITS breeches are so comfortable and they actually fit my body type.

As I stare out the window of the plane looking over Kentucky’s beautiful rolling hills it’s at this moment when I let everything that has happened these past few days sink in.  I have been on the journey to the US Dressage Finals now for about two weeks and I would not trade any of the experiences I have had for anything in the world, even if it was a little stressful at times.


1000 Kilometres of FITS

1000km of FITS along the Mongol Derby ride with Jade Sevelow-Lee

I recently returned from what I would describe, hands down, as the toughest and most amazing 10 days of my life, and FITS was there for every stride. In late August I left for the most remote corner of the world I’d ever been to, Mongolia. I went to compete in the world’s longest and toughest horse race, The Mongol Derby. 1000k (630miles) of open, unforgiving steppe on 27 semi-wild Mongolian horses. It was to say the least, unpredictable. But what I could count on was that my FITS gear was going to get me through the race without fail.

Weather in Mongolia is as unpredictable as the horses. Mornings are cool, afternoons are scorching, without a cloud in the sky to shade you, and evenings often bring on blinding rain/hail storms. Choosing my apparel (aka protection) was no easy task but Mollie and Sheryl from FITS were up to the task. Armed with the TREADS Lite Breeches and the Breeze Shirts for day to day riding, the Hawley Hybrid for cold and misty mornings, and the Erin Base Layer and TREADS Wind Pro for the cold Mongolian nights, I was set.

I can’t say enough goodness about the TREADS Lite Breeches and the Breeze Shirts, I honestly don’t even know where to start.

Toughness: 1000km in 10 days is no easy feat for any piece of equipment, and while other rider’s pants and shirts were literally coming apart at the seams (one girl had to duck tape multiple parts of her pants back together) my FITS didn’t even bother pilling. On day 8 a horse decided he was terrified of a bush and took off bucking, throwing me into a prickly bush and dragging me 15ft before he stopped. Not even then did my FITS show any signs of distress. Neither my pants nor my shirt came home with a single hole. Even my leather half chaps came home with holes if that tells you anything.

Element Protection: FITS gear provided unparallel protection from the elements, sun, wind, hail, you name it, I tested it. The same shirt and pants that kept me cool and wicked away my sweat during the midday heat, dried quickly to keep me warm after an early evening rainstorm. I never suffered from heatstroke like many others thanks to FITS cooling technology, and at the end of a long day I kept incredibly warm in my Hawley jacket, Erin, and Wind Pros even without the heat of a fire.

Comfort - Comfort for me means a lot of things, but let’s get all-technical for a second. FITS flat seams are absolutely flawless. Could you imagine riding 1000km with a sock that was folded over weird? Well that’s what it would be like if your pants’ or shirts’ seams were poorly designed. But with FITS I never even worried about saddle sores or rubs because of their well-designed cut and fabrics. On day 7 I had a horse fall on me in a bog. It caused me to come off and my pants were FULL of absolutely rancid black water. I got back on and within 5 minutes my underwear were chaffing me to the point of crying. I got off, cut them off with my knife, and rode the last 10k of that leg in nothing but FITS thanks to their well-designed triangle gusset; which kept the seams out of the places they shouldn’t be.

Cleaning Up and Going Home - I think it’s a real testament to how I feel about my FITS that after the race while many of the other riders were burning their smelly, ripped, ruined, and absolutely disgusting clothes that they had worn for the last 1000km in the bonfire, I was packing all of my clothes into plastic bags to take home and wash to wear another day. And wouldn’t you know, I swear on all that is horse-holy, I washed my FITS TREADS Lites once and could have shown in them that same day. Even the massive black dirt stain right on the front came out. As for my white shirt, well, I don’t think there’s any way to get 10 days of dirt, armpit sweat, and multiple bloodstains out, but I still love it so much that it became my schooling shirt; bloodstains and all.

For 10 days and 1060km (I may have gotten lost and added a few kilometers) I had FITS on my sides, and my back, and my legs, and now that I’m back in my every day riding I’m still proud to wear my TREADS to the barn and my Hawley out to dinner. But really, more than just having an incredibly technical and well thought out riding collection, FITS has become my family and helped get me to the World’s Longest and Toughest Horse Race, The Mongol Derby.

Thanks FITS family, I couldn’t have done it without you.


FITS Announces Winners of Power & Stretch Contests

Just this week FITS's third Facebook contest drew to a close, with great entries in both areas, Power and Stretch. The Power contest was focused on showing off your horse's "power" pictures with the power to jump (or in a few cases, a funny “need Power!” jump). The prize was the all new Megan Knee Patch breech, FIT's top of the line breech made for the Hunter/Jumper show ring as well as for eventers. For the Stretch contest, the request was to show us your best stretch photos of you and your horse stretching, with a price of the legendary PerforMAX original full seat breeches loved by dressage riders and eventers everywhere!

Two pairs of each breech were given away, and the winners were thrilled to hear that they had won! The two Megan breech winners were excited to try the knee patch breech, with winner Katie McCrory saying, "Just got them and tried them on and I LOVE them! My first pair! Thank you so much!"

While FITS is a staple in the eventing world when it comes to performance athletic breeches for the serious athlete, they are only now becoming known in the Hunter/Jumper world, where some older, more traditional brands dominate. The Megan is a standout breech, with the same great technology used in the FITS full seat breeches, so that you both look good and feel good in the saddle. With a patented gusseted crotch without a constricting center seam, and the patented Powernet four way stretch ab panel, coupled with body sculpt fabric and garment engineering, the Megan breech by FITS is simply the best breech on the market for the serious athlete.

Did you miss out on your chance to win? Don't worry, FITS will be running another contest in the near future. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow our blog so that you don't miss out on any more great opportunities to win your way into FITS!


This week the horses will be running at the Event at Rebecca Farm.  It is a stunning venue that was brought to existence by the vision of the Broussard family.  Rebecca Broussard, the matriarch of the family died of breast cancer a few years ago. But not before she made a lasting impact on the riding world.  She took enormous pride in The Farm and in helping riders in the West compete at the highest levels. The riding community lost Rebecca too soon but her impact on our sport will be felt forever.

The Broussard Family, in loving memory of Rebecca, started a fundraising campaign to “HALT CANCER AT X”.

FITS is very proud to actively support this effort where every dollar goes to funding breast cancer research.  For Spring/Summer 2014 we offered a  “She who has the most fun, wins!” T Shirt with the profits donated to Halt Cancer @ X.  We are proud to present a check for $1000 to this great cause.

She who has the most fun wins
It is not just the slogan, it's who we are - making riding personal.  In this case we are donating a portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold to Halt Cancer@X, a growing movement originated at Rebecca Farm, dedicated to finding the cure for breast cancer.  Our bright, soothing, all cotton shirt says it all with a fun, inspirational design.

There is also a silent auction and FITS is honored to be donating a Whitney Show Coat, value $492, benefiting Halt Cancer @ X.

We all have been touched in some way or another by this disease.  Let’s all do our part to Halt Cancer @ X.



Every April the eventing community convenes in Lexington Kentucky at the gorgeous horse park for the Rolex Three Day Event - the only 4 star event in North America!  This year FITS has FIVE riders competing and lots of fun activities planned and in the works where fans can interact and gain first hand knowlege from these elite equestrians. One of our most exciting opportunites for fans is the chance to win one of five PRIVATE ROLEX COURSE WALKS with one of FITS five Riders Competing at Rolex?

Come by the FITS Boutique at VTO Saddlery in the indoor trade fair on Thursday/Friday before noon; buy a pair of FITS breeches; and we will enter you in a drawing to win a private abbreviated course walk for you and friend. We will be drawing names at noon on Thursday and Friday. Times and details to be coordinated after dressage times are posted. You could find yourself on a course walk with...

Hawley Bennett: Olympian and WEG Silver Medalist
Selena O'Hanlon: Olympian and WEG Silver Medalist
Kim Severson: Olympian and 4x USEA Rider of the Year
Jessica Phoenix: Olympian and WEG Silver Medalist
Lainey Ashker: Advanced Champion 2013 USEA

For all the inside scoop on FITS happenings at Rolex email subject line ROLEX.

WIN A FITS SHOW OUTFIT!  Fun In The Sun Contest!

Click the link above to enter. It's simple!

LOOK FORMAL. FEEL NAKED. With FITS 100% mesh Zephyr Show Coat!

 At FITS we are always trying to push the envelope to create riding apparel that truly functions for the rider.  Hence the new FITS Zephyr. This is absolutely the most advanced equestrian show coat ever made. Completely breathable while at the same time perfectly opaque, air breezes through the Zephyr’s lightweight open cell Power Mesh fabric to keep you cool and comfortable. Factor in amazing stretch and you have the ultimate washable performance show coat. The designers at FITS created Zephyr in layers to give you cool  opaque coverage exactly where you need it:

* a single layer of mesh is used along the underarm panels for maximum ventilation

*   three are used on the collar and lapels to provide structure for a professional, tailored look.

*  two  layers are used throughout the body to allow maximum air flow.

With Zephyr, what’s not there is as revolutionary as what is…

    There is no hot, restrictive lining.
    There is no heat absorbing outer shell.
    What you have is simply a beautiful lightweight, super cool competition coat that stretches with your every move.

FITS recognizes that riders are athletes; and that they need riding apparel that is functionally athletic yet true to the classic style and traditions of our sport.  FITS Zephyr Show coat: replacing style with style that works!

Watch the Zephyr video:

FITS Rider Laine Ashker has unfinished business and determination.

Many feelings come to mind when reminiscing about the happenings that occurred this year in 2013.  Truth be told that when I really sit down and reflect on the difference this one year has made in my life, I keep coming back to the same nagging notion: 2013 was a year of “unfinished business.” 


JANICE DULAK: Pilates Master Instructor and Creator of Pilates for Dressage®

When I started riding my young horse, I decided to splurge and get a pair of full seat leather breeches for the very first time so I could stick to the saddle in case he spooked. They were not FITS but I loved them!  And they worked!  When my horse was acting up, I stuck in the saddle like glue.  Since the breeches were a large investment, I took great care of them, washing them with the best leather cleaner I could find and then using the best leather conditioner on them after.

However over time, even with the best care I could provide, the leather got stiff.  When I put the breeches on, the crotch area hung below where it should. When I mounted my horse, I felt the stiffness and while it sort of stretched out when I rode, I still felt there was a barrier between my seat bones and the saddle.

As my horse progressed into lateral work and walk/canter transitions, I began to feel inhibited in the ability to use my seat bones effectively. They seemed to be trapped by the leather crotch area. As the author of Pilates for the Dressage Rider, I was stymied in my ability to clearly communicate with my body. I felt my seat aids were muffled. It was at this point I began noticing FITS in my horse catalogues.  I was intrigued.  So while I loved and was committed to my full seat leather breeches, I took the plunge and


Speaking of unmentionables:  Why we love our crotch gusset, and why you will too!

At FITS, we LOVE our patented gusset technology; and if you don’t already, you will.  “What is a gusset?” you ask.  Good question. Traditionally, breeches are made with two seams (front to back, and side to side) that intersect right in the center of the crotch. These seams add bulk and form a ridge right where your body contacts the saddle. Ouch! Not comfy to say the least.



For the past few months we have been reaching out to our loyal FITS fans by offering monthly drawings for FITS products.  Our month of May winner can select any single item from our current FITS line that they want!  How great is that?  To enter the contest visit:


Rolex Wrap Up!

Congratulations to all the riders, horses and owners for making it to the only four star event in North America!  No small feat.  Here at FITS we were especially excited for Hawley Bennett on Linda Paine's Gin and Juice who rose 22 places after dressage to finish 7th overall!  Hawley and Ginny are always crowd favorites for their awesome skills, diminutive size and shall we say... overall exhuberance. They looked ready for another lap after XC on Saturday.smiley  Our other team rider at Rolex, Jessica Phoenix, decided to withdraw after Exponential put in a tense dressage test. Rolex 2013 was not to be their event. There were 19 first time riders at Rolex and one of them with deep ties to Oregon, so it was a thrill for us to see Rachel Jurgens and Ziggy come down the centerline in dressage.  The pair made it to (or shall we say into) the first water at XC, but a fall has them now planning ahead to 2014. Special thanks to Hawley and Jessica for leading


Rolex - A walk in the park with Jessica Phoenix and Hawley Bennett

A sunny early morning drive through beautiful horse farms to the Kentucky Horse Park is how every horse girl should start their day!  Today was another busy day at the booth!!!  It seems that the crowds grow by the hour.  It feels a bit like a reunion of sorts as "Rolex friends" come by for our annual hugs and laughs!  The crowd picked up at 1:00 as FITS rider Jessica Phoenix stopped by the booth for a short autograph session and a pre-arranged course walk.


Ready to Roll at Rolex

We are ready to roll here at Rolex!  The morning started off a bit rough with no coffee,  torrential rain and a flat tire. But the booth is now set up and looks great!  We are showcasing the new Spring 13 line in the FITS Boutique that is located in VTO Saddlery in the Indoor Rolex Trade Fair.  VTO is offering some amazing deals such as buy a breech from the new FITS spring line and get a closeout FITS item at half price!


Ready for Rolex!

So excited to be heading to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington for the Rolex Three Day Event  (April 25th-28th ).  Four of the most exciting days of equestrian competition in the world!  Come see the entire FITS Spring Collection at our FITS Boutique at VTO Saddlery in the indoor trade fair.  In addition to great product we have lots of fun activities planned. Read on to learn about our course walks and autograph sessions with Rolex Riders.