JANICE DULAK: Pilates Master Instructor and Creator of Pilates for Dressage®

When I started riding my young horse, I decided to splurge and get a pair of full seat leather breeches for the very first time so I could stick to the saddle in case he spooked. They were not FITS but I loved them!  And they worked!  When my horse was acting up, I stuck in the saddle like glue.  Since the breeches were a large investment, I took great care of them, washing them with the best leather cleaner I could find and then using the best leather conditioner on them after.

However over time, even with the best care I could provide, the leather got stiff.  When I put the breeches on, the crotch area hung below where it should. When I mounted my horse, I felt the stiffness and while it sort of stretched out when I rode, I still felt there was a barrier between my seat bones and the saddle.

As my horse progressed into lateral work and walk/canter transitions, I began to feel inhibited in the ability to use my seat bones effectively. They seemed to be trapped by the leather crotch area. As the author of Pilates for the Dressage Rider, I was stymied in my ability to clearly communicate with my body. I felt my seat aids were muffled. It was at this point I began noticing FITS in my horse catalogues.  I was intrigued.  So while I loved and was committed to my full seat leather breeches, I took the plunge and

...bought my first pair of FITS about three years ago.  I am hooked!

The first thing I noticed was the awesome fit! I loved the way they hugged my body. I felt like I was a professional dancer again putting on a pair of tights!  Then I went out to ride and wow! I could feel my seat bones able to move independently. I felt I could communicate my seat aids more clearly since there was no barrier between me and the saddle.  I felt free to move as I needed while at the same time I still felt completely secure in the saddle!

I am a FITS rider for life. Thank you FITS for making such a incredible product!