Rolex Wrap Up!

Congratulations to all the riders, horses and owners for making it to the only four star event in North America!  No small feat.  Here at FITS we were especially excited for Hawley Bennett on Linda Paine's Gin and Juice who rose 22 places after dressage to finish 7th overall!  Hawley and Ginny are always crowd favorites for their awesome skills, diminutive size and shall we say... overall exhuberance. They looked ready for another lap after XC on Saturday.smiley  Our other team rider at Rolex, Jessica Phoenix, decided to withdraw after Exponential put in a tense dressage test. Rolex 2013 was not to be their event. There were 19 first time riders at Rolex and one of them with deep ties to Oregon, so it was a thrill for us to see Rachel Jurgens and Ziggy come down the centerline in dressage.  The pair made it to (or shall we say into) the first water at XC, but a fall has them now planning ahead to 2014. Special thanks to Hawley and Jessica for leading

our first ever FITS Course Walk. (Quick Video Below)  If you missed this, you will surely want to join us next year.

Beyond the excitement of the actual sporting event, Rolex gives Mollie and I a chance to connect with so many customers who have become friends over the years.  We have been coming to Rolex for 6 years now and we truly treasure the friendships we have made and continue to make. We have literally seen little girls come to our booth three to four years in a row hoping they can finally wear an XS. We celebrate with them when they finally fit FITS! We value you, our customers and friends more than words can say.

Thank you beyond words and GOOD RIDING!