Speaking of unmentionables:  Why we love our crotch gusset, and why you will too!

At FITS, we LOVE our patented gusset technology; and if you don’t already, you will.  “What is a gusset?” you ask.  Good question. Traditionally, breeches are made with two seams (front to back, and side to side) that intersect right in the center of the crotch. These seams add bulk and form a ridge right where your body contacts the saddle. Ouch! Not comfy to say the least.

  In traditional full seat breeches, this is amplified by the fact that the crotch seams involve four layers of bulky, rigid leather or leather like material that neither stretch or breathe.  At FITS however, we design from our personal riding experience and one of the first things we did when we started our company was develop and patent a new gusseted crotch system for full seat riding breeches.  FITS triangle shaped gusset is stretchy, seamless, breathable, leather free and only available from FITS.  Try a pair, we guarantee FITS full seat breeches will be the most comfortable you have every worn.