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Kimberly Eckers and Samantha Silver win FITS first 2 contests of 2014!

April 2014


FITS Announces First Winners in 2014 Contests
Kimberly Eckler takes the top prize of a full show outfit, a “dream come true” for nursing student

April 30, 2014, Portland, Oregon, USA — The first Fun In The Sun (Saddle) contest winner keeps her priorities clear, and her results inarguable, despite a very tight budget.

Kimberly Eckler is an avid rider and competitor, a nursing student, and works long shifts as a certified nurse assistant at a nursing home on weekends. She’s also a great horsewoman. In her own words, Kimberly says, “Any spare dollar I had went to Nelson, or lessons. I would ride in $10 breeches from the semi annual tack sale to make sure I could afford any joint therapy or other support he might need.”

Of course, that didn’t stop her from dreaming about FITS. Kimberly said, “I’ve always wanted - dreamed about! - a pair of FITS, I’ve heard such great things about them. I was studying for a test when a friend texted me to look on the FITS page. Thrilled to win? I was absolutely gobsmacked!”

Now that she’s received her true-white-leather PerforMAX full seat show breeches, Zephyr breathable mesh show coat, and Waffle Tech II show shirt and stock tie, she is revising her thinking about the importance of what you wear when you ride.

“My budget priorities were always Nelson’s wellbeing first, performance and competing second. Clothing didn’t remotely enter either of those priorities,” Kimberly continued. “Now that I’ve felt the FITS technology at work on my own body, I’m changing my mind. It IS important to wear the right athletic gear to help me help my horse more… if I have better balance and control, that makes him more comfortable and effective. And yes, I have to admit, they’re so beautiful, and so comfortable, I did not want to take the breeches off when I first tried them!!”

There is a sadness to her story, however, that too many horse people can identify with. Nelson, a big Thoroughbred and her 32nd birthday present, passed away from EPM in late 2012. When diagnosed, they were prepping for the prestigious Richland Park event following a fifth (out of 23) place finish in their first event together, the Novice division at Cobblestone Farms in Michigan. Today Kimberly is leasing Kody, a 10 year old buckskin paint, whom she hopes to purchase after finishing her nursing degree. She’s planning to show Kody this summer, and hopes to reach Training level with him some day.

“Even Michigan gets unbearably hot and sticky in the summer. Definitely looking forward to wearing the Zephyr… what a relief it will be to have that coat! I am so incredibly happy that I won. Do you hear me? I won! I won!!” she laughed.

A second, flash “Pin It To Win It” contest ran last week, with the winner announced on Facebook at the conclusion of the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. That winner will receive a FITS Breeze Tech shirt featuring ultimate hot weather venting, sun- and odor-protection, in their choice of five colors.

More contests, big and small, are planned throughout 2014. Anyone interested in entering should follow the FITS page on Facebook, at

Zephyr Show Coat, black with silver buttons and piping, featuring open-cell Power Mesh in varying layers (one to three) to give structure and opacity, but with a breakthrough level of ventilation. Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, for a suggested retail price of $328.

PerforMAX™ Original Full Seat Show Breech, front zip in sleek All Season pro-athlete fabric to support muscles, with leather segmented at the right bend points for the ultimate flexibility and grip. They now feature true white washable deerskin in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, for a suggested retail price of $288.

Waffle Tech II Shirt in a cool, lightweight easy-care waffle weave fabric. Sizes S, M, L, XL, for a suggested retail price of $64. Matching stock tie suggested retail $32.

Breeze Tech Shirt in UPF 50 odor- and pill-resistant fabric. Available in periblue, tangerine, lipstick, queenie print, or white in sizes S, M, L, XL, for a suggested retail price of $76.

See for a complete list of online and local retailers, and for more information on the above products.

FITS (“Fun In The Saddle”) launched in 2005, bringing to market the original patented PerforMAX™ top-performance technical breech that continues to revolutionize the way riders connect with their saddle, their horse, and their riding experience. Today FITS has a well-deserved reputation as inventor of the most advanced athletic wear for the English rider, with a full range of exceptional performance clothing for year-round riding. FITS is sold widely throughout the USA, with growing availability in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


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