Meg Sleeper


I love my FITS breeches!! The full seat gives great security in the saddle and truly improves my riding. Even better, they are sooo comfortable!! On weekends, I spend 100% of my days in riding attire when I am at home, and they are the most comfortable breeches I have ever worn. Even better, they are tough as nails. I used to find myself wearing the ugly, unflattering riding tights at home because I didn’t want to damage my “good” riding tights. The FITS tights actually hold up to long hours of wear (not to mention long hours in the saddle). And they look good too!! How did you manage to put all that in one package!!???!

- Meg Sleeper
Meg Sleeper
Lives In: Frenchtown, New Jersey
DOB: 1967

Shyrocco Troilus
Syrocco Blair (retired)
Shyrocco Rime
Syrocco Troubador (retired)
Shyrocco Reveille
Syrocco Gabriel
Syrocco Harmony
Syrocco Cadence

Meg competed in her first competitive trail ride in 1980. Since that time, she has completed over 14,000 miles of competitive and endurance rides and competed in 7 countries. She has been on the USA endurance squad for the last 4 world championships and has competed nearly entirely on home bred and trained horses.


2010- AERC National Championship Rides- 100 mile ride- 3rd with Syrocco Reveille
55 mile ride- 16th with Syrocco Cadence
2010- On the USA endurance squad short list (with 2 of my horses) for the WEG in
Lexington,KY; competed on the US team with Syrocco Harmony
2009- Arabian Horse Association National Competitive Trail Ride (Oklahoma, USA)
Grand Champion
2008- World endurance championship (Terrenganu, Malaysia); USA team
2007- Pan American Endurance Championship (Pinamar, Argentina)-11th place
2007- Zone team challenge (Montana, USA)- team gold medal, 1st place, Best condition award
2006- World endurance championship (Aachen, Germany); 22nd place
2006- Argentinian national championship ride- 6th place
2005- Pan American Endurance Championship (Maryland, USA)-USAEast team
2004- World Endurance Championship (Dubai, UAE); USA team
2004- President’s Cup (Abu Dhabi, UAE); USA team
2003- Pan American Endurance Championship (Washington, USA)-USAEast team
2003- Worlds Most Preferred Endurance Ride (Dubai, UAE); 16th place
2002- Worlds Most Preferred Endurance Ride (Dubai, UAE); 32nd place
2002- World endurance championship (Jerez, Spain); alternate
2001- Pan American Endurance Championship (Vermont, USA) gold medal team; individual 7th place
1997- Race of Champions (Pennsylvania, USA) gold medal team; individual 20th place

Meg Sleeper, VMD, DACVIM is an International level competitor, trainer, breeder, and Veterinary Cardiologist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.