Carol Giles


I have been riding in my two pairs of FITS riding pants for almost 2 years now and I am still madly in love with them. They are amazingly comfortable and keep me comfortable regardless of how hot it is. The most amazing thing to me is how they wear. I raced almost 1800 miles the last two years. Add to that the daily miles spent training our horses and I am sure I’ve put over 2500 miles on each set of pants. Despite that kind of use, however, they still look brand new – not a tear or snag to be seen! On top of that, they still fit like they did when they first arrived at the house. You won’t find another pair of breeches that can compare!

- Carol Giles
Carol Giles
Lives In: Prineville, Oregon
DOB: 1956

SAR Tiki Stranger
SAR Tiki Galaxy
SAR Tiki Taxes

Carol GilesCarol started endurance riding in the early 1980s. Since then, she has accumulated over 8,000 endurance miles on 18 different horses. Out of 153 rides, she has completed 144. She has 13 wins and 59 top 10 finishes in rides under 80 miles. In the 20 100-mile rides she has completed, she has 7 wins and another 9 top-ten finishes. Her horses have received best condition 14 times. Her oldest endurance horse, SAR Tike Stranger, is still competing at age 17 and now has logged almost 5,000 race miles.

Carol has also been actively engaged in international endurance riding. She is chair of AERC-International and sits on the United States Equestrian Federation Endurance Active Athletics and High Performance Committees. She rode for the Pac North Zone in the 2003 Pan American Endurance Championship, as well as the 2007 North American Endurance Championship where the Pac North team received the silver medal. In 2003, she was an alternate for the United States endurance world cup team. In 2005, she represented the United States in the World Equestrian Endurance Championship held in Dubai, UAE. In 2007, a team of horses bred, raised and trained by Carol and her husband, Ronald Sproat, received the silver medal in the United States Zone Team Endurance Challenge.

Carol and her husband, breed, raise and train endurance horses at their ranch in Central Oregon. One of Carol’s greatest joys is mentoring riders new to endurance. She enjoys helping new riders learn that there is much more to endurance than simply going down the trail.