Kassie Barteau


I started riding a lot of horses at a young age. I have sensitive skin and have struggled with chaffing, and heat rashes during the show seasons and summer months. I have had many wonderful "designer" breeches keeping me up to date in the latest fashion but none of them actually helped my riding or sensitivity. When I tried FITS for the first time I liked the grip, yet flexibility, and the breathability. But the most impressive thing about them is they are supportive and I have had no more chaffing since I switched. All the designs are really flattering and stylish as well. I highly recommend FITS for any rider looking to spend some serious time in the saddle.

- Kassie Barteau
Kassie Barteau
Lives In: Maple Park, IL
DOB: 1988
Horses: Aramo

Kassie grew up in a successful family dressage business with her mother and stepfather Yvonne and Kim Barteau. She began riding at age 13 and was hooked. In high school, she opted for homeschooling so she would be free to travel and spend much more time riding, grooming and learning. "I feel I was really born into the right family because nothing makes me as happy or feels as natural to me as being on the back of a horse. I am certain that I want to dedicate my life to learning the art and sport of dressage to the best of my ability. I have been fortunate in working with many dressage greats such as Albreicht Heidlemen, Conrad Schumacher, Kyra Kurkland, Edward Gal, Bo Jena, Anne Gribbons, Steffen and Shannon Peters. But I would say my two biggest influences are my parents and Cathy Morelli.

Looking back at all of the fantastic help I have been given, I would say I have learned the most from all of the horses I have ridden. They are so much like people. Each one has a unique personality and talents requiring slight changes to the timing and dosage of your aids. I feel I learn something from every horse and add it to my "toolbox" of aids. I truly believe there is more than one way to success and the "one shoe fits all sizes" mentality never holds true in dressage training. I am ambitious to develop a small business where I can focus on high quality and give as much individual time as needed for my clients... both horses and their humans."

Learn more about Kassie Barteau at www.kassiebarteau.com