Loriane Dilasser (EU-France)


- Loriane Dilasser (EU-France)

Loriane Dilasser (EU-France)
Lives In: France

This coming 2016 season Loriane is aiming for the French Championships with her 8 year old who will debut at the GP 140 level. She aims to finish the year at GP CSI 2**. She is also hoping to qualify (with her other horse) for the French 5 yr old Championships this year and aiming for the CSI classes with him next year, in order to gain the experience needed to run in the 2017, 7 yr old French Championships the following year. Loriane's horses are relatively young and she is working hard training them as they have the potential to enable her to participate in International competitions in the very near future.

She is coached by famous French showjumper, Marc Dilasser.