Vanessa Marien (EU-Belgium)

- Vanessa Marien (EU-Belgium)

Lives In: Belgium
Horses: Kecho du Sud
McLarens Magic GMB
Enya Van de Nachategale

Vanessa was born in 1981 and has been on a horse most of her life! She is a professional Show Jumper based in Belgium.

Thanks to her parent's passion for horses, Vanessa began horseback riding at a very young age and got her first pony for her first birthday! Her pony lived with them to the ripe old age of 36 until he left to "the rainbow bridge".

Vanessa competes nationally and internationally up to the Grand Prix Level. Her GP horse "Kecho du Sud" in now based in Florida and competing there. She also has a team horse 8 year old McLarens Magic GMB who is competing at GP Level as well as her 13 year old Enya Van de Nachategale.
Her upcoming horses include Gerco Von Pferdheim Z (5 yo), Nabab Du Sud (5 yo), Nectar VD Heffinck (6 yo), and Gin-Tonic (2 yo).
Vanessa works hard ... her favorite quote is "If you fall off a horse, you get back up for The Ride of Your Life", never be a quitter".
Her passions include horse and FITS Riding!