Yvonne Barteau


I have been in the horse business all my life and have trained and competed horses in everything from Team Penning and barrels, to Standardbred racing. From 100 mile endurance rides, to Equine Theatre to Grand Prix Dressage

The right apparel and equipment is always necessary and appreciated by any professional and FITS breeches are just that. Designed with the riders comfort and functionality in mind these clothes are very user friendly. They are long lasting, flattering, easy to work in and care for and feel like yours the second you put them on.

I had tried the original FITS years ago and was pleasantly surprised when I put on these newer models. They could have been designed by me, for me that's how happy I was both walking around and riding in them. I have some good looking designer breeches in my closet and once in a while I pull them down wondering why they are stuffed way up on that shelf. Half way through the day I remember. They are no fun to ride and work in. No such problems with FITS. If you have never tried FITS or have not ridden in a pair lately do yourself the favor

- Yvonne Barteau
Yvonne Barteau
Lives In: Florida

GP Raymeister
GP Delano

Yvonne Barteau is a lifetime horsewoman. She has dedicated her life to understanding horses and preparing them for their careers whatever that might be. She operates KYB Dressage out of Grand Prix Equestrian in FL.

Yvonne has trained over ten horses to the Grand Prix Level and has won numerous USDF Horse of the Year titles as well as winning CDI and FEI classes around the United States. She is a sought-after instructor and clinician as well as a public speaker on Equine Personalities and temperaments and strategies involved with identifying and training the different personality types.

Yvonne worked in the Equine entertainment world for over twenty years with everything from Liberty work to bridleless Grand Prix exhibitions. They have appeared on the TODAY show, at Madison Square Gardens, Equine Affaire, and Equitana as well as training and performing with the horses at the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater in Orlando, Florida.

Currently, Yvonne is campaigning two horses at the FEI levels. GP Raymeister a three-time USDF Horse of the Year has already scored in the seventies at the Grand Paris Level. GP Delano is showing PSG and Int. I and is now schooling the Grand Prix

To learn more about Yvonne Barteau go to her Facebook page. Also check our her passion to save horses at Horses Without Humans.