ThermaMAX TechTread Winter Full Seat Breech w/2 Pockets

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All the right features for Fall & Winter & with 2 Pockets!!

FITS’ innovative tread maximizes grip where riders need it, and minimizes it where they don’t while providing a balance between the two in areas where moveable grip is needed. The 4-way stretch ThermaMAX fabric has an abrasion resistant outer layer that repels hay, dirt, shavings, and hair. Cozy fleece lining against your skin for warmth and added comfort. This will be your favorite breech for those chilly days. This breech features ribbon belt loops, and our patented seam-free, gusseted crotch. With 2 easy access cargo pockets to keep your necessities close at hand.

The most comfortable breeches on the market!


  • GRIP: Innovative garment printing technology adds directionally resistant tread for a moveable, comfortable grip.
  • 2 easy access cargo pockets
  • Complete with FITS patented crotch gusset
  • STRETCHABLE: 4-way stretch fleece moves with your body and offers anti-fatigue support. Patented, seam-free, stretchable crotch adds comfort where it counts.
  • TEMPERATURE: Cozy fleece lined fabric keeps you warm and protects from wind.
  • STAYS CLEAN: Smooth finish sheds dirt, hay, shavings, and hair.
    • Ribbon belt loops
    • Easy access cargo pockets


  • Noir
  • BlueFin NEW!
  • Chocolate Brown NEW!

(please note for photo purposes the phone is NOT fully inserted into the phone pocket. When the phone is fully inserted, it is safe and secure)